Adventures In Amiga Land

| October 18th, 2017
Yet another sporadic entry in my vintage computing blog.

I have an old big-box 2000 that I bought some 20 years ago. I finally decided to take it off of the shelf, watch a bunch of Amiga documentaries to get pumped up, and use probably the most interesting & capable machine I have in my hoard.

Viva Amiga!

From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years!

As it came as a empty boring beige box, I’ve been slowly adding bits and pieces to make it more useful, as I find affordable upgrade parts. Amiga parts are obscenely expensive, especially for the big box units.

So far, I’ve added a GVP G-Force 25mhz 68030, 2 sticks of 4mb ram, scsi drive, retina Z2 graphics card, 3.x kickstart roms, workbench 3.1, and Plipbox ethernet.

The plan is to document how I set up the amiga (for other people and myself in the future):

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