Amiga Applications And Tools

| October 18th, 2017

Once you have your base Amiga setup, it’s time to load some applications

Original Source Local Description lha Archiver
ADF Device ADF_Device Mount ADF Disk Images on your Amiga Installer-43_3 Updated Installer mui38usr Magic UI


From the command line: Ram:
copy Ram:lha_xxxxx* C:lha*(68k for 68000, 68020 for 020 cpu, 68040 for 040)

ADF Device

From the command line:

lha x adf_device.lha ram:
cd ram:
copy adf.device devs:
copy devs:
copy insertdisk c:
copy removedisk c:
copy insert.script s:
copy remove.script s:

To Mount a disk from the command line:

  • Execute insert.script filename.asf

A pop up will form, asking what device to mount AD0: to AD7:

To dismount a disk from the command line:

  • Execute remove.script

Pick the device to unmount from the pop up.

Installer 43.3

From the command line:

lha x installer-43_4.lha Ram:
cd ram:installer43_3
copy installer c:


From the command line:

lha x mui38usr.lha Ram:

Open Ram Disk on the desktop, and the MUI folder inside.

Run Install-MUI from the icon.

Restart your computer once the install is finished.

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