| October 18th, 2017


You will need a USB to serial adapter, a null modem cable/dongle, and a 9 to 25 pin serial cable (if your null cable isn’t already a 9 to 25).


Once you have your PlipBox and MiamiDx up and working, it is an excellent way to move .ADF images around to the computer.

Right click on AExplorer on the Amiga, and bring up the information box under the icons menu.

Change PACKETSIZE up to 4096 or larger.

Run AExplorer on the Amiga, and it should autodetect the TCP/IP Stack. If it comes up with serial, your TCP/IP stack isn’t running.

Right click on the Amiga Explorer on your windows desktop, and go to properties.

Make sure the address matches the IP address of the Amiga, and connection is set to TCP/IP

On the options tab, make sure the packet size matches the number you entered in the AExplorer tool PACKETSIZE parameter.

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