Arcade Fun

It Begins…

My arcade machine as it started life.. A beat to crap, mystery arcade box. Home to a number of upgrades over its 20 some year life time. Ended up with a “Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja” fighting game, and a badly burned in (and out of sync) monitor.

The cabinet was in ok shape, with typical damage for an old machine. Corners bashed out, vinyl shredded, etc etc. I’ve never done wood work, but sucessfully repaired the damage, and made it pretty to boot.

Replaced the corners with glue, and 1/4″ plywood. Sanded and filled the holes.

The cabinet is refinished with black vinyl on the inside, semi-gloss black formica on the outside. 3/4″ T channel molding seals the deal, and puts a nice finish on the edge. Personally, this is too much black for me, but provides a good base for some cheesy 80s arcade decals.

[finished cabinet picture]

Techie Bits

The computer is a bunch of left over PC parts; old AMD quadcore / mainboard, 500 GB drive, ATI x1950 video card. I used a hacked up mid-tower as a base for the computer and power supply.

[pic here]

The monitor is a 24″¬† TV, 4:3 ratio. running off of S-Video. I decased the TV, and mounted it directly to the cabinet.

 Control panel.

Basic 6 button layout. I used a GPWIZ40-ECO from groovy gamegear.


[Pic back side of controller] [ Pic front side of panel]


MALA front end, running: