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My latest retro acquisition, an Allen Bradley PLC5/40B industrial controller. While this thing was new while I was still in high school, it is still in active use in many industrial sites.

Unless you overheat them, or do something terrible with the power, they will continue to run plants and facilities for years to come.

The last PLC5’s were retired from Rockwell support in the early 2010’s with the PLC5/80 being the last of the line. Not bad for a line of industrial controllers first released in the 1980’s.

The programming software has updated periodically, mostly to keep it compatible with the latest operating systems. You can still run RSLogix 5 in windows 10.

This PLC is destined as a development machine for testing control and code for some of the facilities I look after that are still running PLC 5 controllers.

48KB for life!

Program like it’s 1994

AI 5 Programming Software
Program like its 2005! RSlogix 5