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We are back!


Started by chalackd, April 08, 2012, 04:10:36 am

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And good day!

I'm yet another avid retro-computist, and though I regretfully don't actually live in Calgary anymore I thought that I would join up here since I believe that this is still, by far, the closest vintage computer club to myself.  I'm a somewhat regular participant over at the vintage computer forums, I tend to mostly do a lot of reading and learning over there...

I hope to be able to contribute, and hopefully meet some more or less local people that share the interest in playing with and servicing vintage gear.

I have a wide variety of interests when it comes to the gear I collect, and I take my greatest pleasure from getting something non-functional and breathing a new life into it.  My current, ever growing collection covers gear includes mostly IBM & Compatibles, then Apple & Macintosh, and some other pieces including Commodore & Tandy...  Plus video game consoles and whatever else catches my eye, haha!

My favorite machine currently would have to be my Apple IIgs, which so far is outfitted with an 8Mb OctoRAM memory card including 512k 'ESP' Static RAM daughtercard, MicroDrive Turbo with 256Mb CF card for storage, and LEGO 9787 Interface card (For which I still have to find the breakout box), appropriate color monitor, and a full compliment of disk drives.  This was the system I always wanted when I was younger, so that's why it holds top spot as my favorite.

Other highlights from my collection include:
Apple IIe Platinum with super serial card, mouse, 5.25 floppy, color and green mono. monitors.
Apple IIe with duodisk and green mono. monitor.
Apple IIc with a nice original carrying case.
IBM 5155 Portable PC, equipped currently with an ST-225 and XT-IDE running a 128Mb industrial disk-on-module.
IBM EduQuest 35 All-in-one PC
Compaq Deskpro 50M, 486DX2-66, EISA.  Currently in service as my bridge machine between the old and new.
GRiD 2260, 386 class convertible (laptop/tablet) which uses a pen as the mouse.
Various PC compatibles and parts, ranging from 8088, through Pentium 2.
Various Macintosh machines, from an SE, pair of SE-30's, Mac II's, Mac Classic, Performas, PowerBooks, etc...
Video game consoles, accessories and games, ranging from Atari 2600 through SNES and right up to modern.

I look forward to hopefully participating and contributing, and would be interested in documenting my systems, repair procedures, and even maybe failures, haha.



Still a small group at the moment, but here's hoping more people get interested.

Might have to loose the calgary part, and leave it at Alberta.

I'm mostly a PC collector.. IBM, Apple / Mac, Commodore, Heath. Have a number of gaming systems too. NES, Sega, Atari, Coleco. Enough to keep me out of trouble.

Some day, I'll get more done on the site, including wordpress or drupal, so everyone can host their collections and projects.