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Anatek 25-2D Bench Supply

Started by 10Sector, August 06, 2014, 02:27:42 pm

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I recently acquired an Anatek bench supply. Dual output, voltage and current limited, 0-25 Volts / 0-2 Amps.

A nice little unit from 1972, according to the stamp inside. It is a kind of hybrid switching/linear supply.

Channel 1 is completely dead, and channel 2 is stuck at 40 volts.

After a lot of searching, I found a scan of the manual with schematics (attached) to this message.

Gonna post as I get this unit repaired and powered up.


I just picked one up at a hamfest, to go along with my dual 50V / 1A version.
Does this make me a collector?

Thanks for making the manual available.

Any luck getting your supply working?


I've been picking away at the unit. So far just recapping the supply, and learning how it functions. I've aquired new power transistors, as 3 /4 were dead.

I got a bit hung up, as my boards don't match the schematic. It must be a later revision as it isn't based on the OP amp, but a MC1466L regulator chip. Once I figured that out, the boards made more sense, and I can use the MC1466L datasheets to troubleshoot the system.

So far, on channel 1, there is no 20v logic supply, and the power transistor was shorted (hence the 40v output)

I'm reverse engineering it, and building a new schematic for the MC1466L circuit boards.