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imac g3 bondi blue

Started by Bigbobo558, December 22, 2011, 02:46:28 pm

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hello, last year i found a bondi blue imac and keyboard under a pile of printers and fax machines that I regret not picking up as well all under a tree in march. guy was about to throw it away and at the time I was just searching for a monitor for my ibm 5160. I found one and decided that because the copmuter it was on said imac i should take it home, might be worth something. it had a hard drive, no memory (which  i installed later) and spiders. i got it working recently, found it had an  EXTREMELY buggy OS X OS and decided it would need a new install apple said they could do for free. brought it over, turned out the dvd drive is busted because the idiot owner left a cd in there full of dirt. anyone have any idea where I can get a new drive, or how to repair the one I have? also, the hard drive crashed sitting in my garage for some reason and not under that tree. so no os, no disk drive. help?
Time to keep up with that commodore! At least it is keeping up with me...