Allen Bradley PLC 5 Industrial Controller

My latest retro acquisition, an Allen Bradley PLC5/40B industrial controller. While this thing was new while I was still in high school, it is still in active use in many industrial sites. Unless you overheat them, or do something terrible with the power, they will continue to run plants and facilities for years to come. […]

PlipBox and MiamiDX

The PlipBox is a budget ethernet adapter for the Amiga that plugs into the parallel port. While far from the fastest, it offers about an 8 to 10 times speed increase over using serial. I found an .ADF image that would take 8 to 10 minutes to download over serial (19200 was the maximum reliable […]

Adventures in Amiga Land

Yet another sporadic entry in my vintage computing blog. I have an old big-box 2000 that I bought some 20 years ago. I finally decided to take it off of the shelf, watch a bunch of Amiga documentaries to get pumped up, and use probably the most interesting & capable machine I have in my […]